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  • Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0
    Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0

    We have two industry standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm of our Yellow PLA...

  • Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA
    Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA

    Our Blue PLA filament comes in a 1kg (2.2lb) spool. Available in two...

  • Clearance Red PLA 3.0
    Clearance Red PLA 3.0

    Our wide selection of 3d filaments are compatible with a majority of the...

  • Clearance Green PLA 3.0
    Clearance Green PLA 3.0

    Available in two sizes 3mm and 1.75mm our Green PLA filament is...

  • Clearance White PLA 3.0
    Clearance White PLA 3.0

    Our high quality White PLA filament for 3d printing comes in two...

  • Clearance Black  PLA 3.0
    Clearance Black PLA 3.0

    Our Black PLA filament comes in two standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm. Works...

  • Wood

    Our high quality wood filament for 3D  printing comes in industry...

  • White

    Our high quality White Flexible (TPU) filament for 3D  printing...


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Spool for Schools Campaign

Spool for Schools Campaign

The Cheap 3D Filaments team is excited to announce our “Spool for School” campaign that we are implementing this year! As part of our continued effort in developing and spreading knowledge about this industry, we plan to work with schools and universities around the country to help grow their respective 3D printing programs.


spool for school discount


In doing so, we hope to provide discounted filaments to the schools (with FREE SHIPPING) and fulfill any orders at any time. 3D printing is growing and has an opportunity to play a major role in other industries, including medical, industrial, defense, agriculture, construction, and many more!

3d printer school

We have already worked with programs around the country as we started our initial phase of this campaign. Our catalogue comprises of many popular types of filaments, from PLA and ABS to PETG and TPU (Flexible). Our quick delivery and exceptional customer service has led to schools inquiring about a long-term partnership.  


Please send us an email at with any questions about our program, products, or pricing! We will reply as soon as possible and hope to build a long-lasting relationship. Our goal is to provide quality, but also affordable filaments!


With the “Spool for School” campaign, we can help further expand this industry and positively impact our world. 3D printing has barely scratched the surface, and we will do our best to make your dreams a reality!