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  • Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0
    Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0

    We have two industry standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm of our Yellow PLA...

  • Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA
    Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA

    Our Blue PLA filament comes in a 1kg (2.2lb) spool. Available in two...

  • Clearance Red PLA 3.0
    Clearance Red PLA 3.0

    Our wide selection of 3d filaments are compatible with a majority of the...

  • Clearance Green PLA 3.0
    Clearance Green PLA 3.0

    Available in two sizes 3mm and 1.75mm our Green PLA filament is...

  • Clearance White PLA 3.0
    Clearance White PLA 3.0

    Our high quality White PLA filament for 3d printing comes in two...

  • Clearance Black  PLA 3.0
    Clearance Black PLA 3.0

    Our Black PLA filament comes in two standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm. Works...

  • Wood

    Our high quality wood filament for 3D  printing comes in industry...

  • White

    Our high quality White Flexible (TPU) filament for 3D  printing...


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How to Start a 3D Printing Meet-Up Group

How to Start a 3D Printing Meet-Up Group

An online forum to congregate aficionados, colleagues, and followers can only take one no further in the sphere of 3D printing interacting. Assembling a meet-up group is a grand technique to shift one’s virtual group to an actual domain. A 3D printing meet-up is a pre-arranged affair where individuals with similar mentalities converge, talk over drinks, and listen to a guest speaker. Coordinating one of these occasions is a brilliant means to institute oneself as a go-to guy in the 3D printing industry in one’s area.

Anybody who has ever attempted to organize lunch with a small crowd understands that preparation is crucial to any successful event. It is essential that 3D printing meet-up groups are planned, and provided that you desire a positive impact, one should take time to ensure the meet-up group goes well.

First, deliberate on the reasons on aspiring to start a 3D printing meet-up group. Research and locate if there are similar groups doing 3D printing meet-ups and in what areas or locations, and determine what your meet-up group can do for the 3D printing sector. Inquire what the 3D printing meet-up group setting is like and identify what is lacking so you can place your meet-up group to fulfill that vacuum.
Fashion an understandable topic statement that describes what your 3D printing meet-up group is. Divide the topic into different sub-topics so a person will comprehend what kind of conversations the meet-up group wish to foster.

After the planning stage, this is the time to create a meet-up group. You can utilize free and paid online social networking portals that assist offline group meetings in numerous areas worldwide. You can also create social networking site accounts and do social to make your meet-up group known, such as tweeting the link of your 3D printing meet-up group's page so your Twitter followers get the message as well. You can also email personal contacts, notifying them of your new group.

Do not be in a hurry to set up an event yet; wait for your membership to increase before announcing the first meet-up. Once you decide to set the first meet-up, provide more time for the campaign of the event so many people can come. The first event should be a casual get-together to get more of the type of questions or topic members are interested in.

Once you've organized your initial meet-up, begin planning the next one. For the succeeding events, you can feature an industry expert as a guest speaker and a do a Q-and-A session. Find out factors that will keep bringing your members back, and try to think of inventive concepts that will position where you want to be in your industry.