3D-Printing Disrupted Industries

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The future of 3D printing is now. It has a huge impact in manufacturing as it has been most beneficial in generating prototypes. However, the technology was not only disruptive in this industry, but the affected sectors discussed below will never be the same again.
An online forum to congregate aficionados, colleagues, and followers can only take one no further in the sphere of 3D printing interacting. Assembling a meet-up group is a grand technique to shift one’s virtual group to an actual domain.

3D Printing and Dinosaurs

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Bones of dinosaurs have long been excavated since China’s Western Jin Dynasty in 265-420 A.D. but their true kind was not known. To the discoverers, they were thought to be dragon bones and were recorded as such.

3D-Printed Lunar Outposts

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Even before the time when Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon in 1969, man have contemplated the possibilities of a stable lunar outpost habitable by humans.

3D Printing and Film Props

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A props department of a film set is basically a noisy workroom crowded with determined people hand making props from wood planks and foam sheets. As the technology of 3D printing becomes progressively cutting-edge, film companies can benefit from the meticulous technique of rapid prototyping, experimenting, and manufacturing of props, including the manipulation and control of the interpretation of characters, settings, and clothing.
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