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  • Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0
    Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0

    We have two industry standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm of our Yellow PLA...

  • Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA
    Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA

    Our Blue PLA filament comes in a 1kg (2.2lb) spool. Available in two...

  • Clearance Red PLA 3.0
    Clearance Red PLA 3.0

    Our wide selection of 3d filaments are compatible with a majority of the...

  • Clearance Green PLA 3.0
    Clearance Green PLA 3.0

    Available in two sizes 3mm and 1.75mm our Green PLA filament is...

  • Clearance White PLA 3.0
    Clearance White PLA 3.0

    Our high quality White PLA filament for 3d printing comes in two...

  • Clearance Black  PLA 3.0
    Clearance Black PLA 3.0

    Our Black PLA filament comes in two standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm. Works...

  • Wood

    Our high quality wood filament for 3D  printing comes in industry...

  • White

    Our high quality White Flexible (TPU) filament for 3D  printing...


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We are always striving to provide our customers with quality filament at affordable prices. Take a look at our clearance section to receive the best deals around. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the Continental USA. All of our filaments have been tested to make sure you get consistent quality in every spool. Our filament spools are wrapped precisely to ensure no tangles and no clogs in every spool. We offer PLA and ABS material. We understand the importance of quality filament and take pride in our product. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow more competitors are sprouting up each day claiming to provide quality filament, just to fall short of that. If your looking for the best prices around without compromising quality, you have come to the right place. We welcome custom orders no matter the size. Please inquire about custom orders to talk about pricing. You can reach out to us directly for a custom quote.  

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items