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  • Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0
    Clearance Yellow PLA 3.0

    We have two industry standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm of our Yellow PLA...

  • Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA
    Clearance Blue 3.0 PLA

    Our Blue PLA filament comes in a 1kg (2.2lb) spool. Available in two...

  • Clearance Red PLA 3.0
    Clearance Red PLA 3.0

    Our wide selection of 3d filaments are compatible with a majority of the...

  • Clearance Green PLA 3.0
    Clearance Green PLA 3.0

    Available in two sizes 3mm and 1.75mm our Green PLA filament is...

  • Clearance White PLA 3.0
    Clearance White PLA 3.0

    Our high quality White PLA filament for 3d printing comes in two...

  • Clearance Black  PLA 3.0
    Clearance Black PLA 3.0

    Our Black PLA filament comes in two standard sizes 1.75mm and 3mm. Works...

  • Wood

    Our high quality wood filament for 3D  printing comes in industry...

  • White

    Our high quality White Flexible (TPU) filament for 3D  printing...


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Full Cases


Any Color, Type or Size

If you are looking for quality afforadable filament at a discounted price, then take a look at our full cases. We offer you the opportunity to mix and match color, type and size. This ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for at a great discounted price. You can save $60 dollars by purchasing PLA and ABS filament by the case. We pride our selves in continuing to provide our customers with only the best filament to fit the needs of any project. Our full case comes with 12 spools per case. Your choice of ABS or PLA 1.75mm and 3mm. Our 3D filament is always consistent with our diameters and wrapping of our spools. No tangles, not's clogs in every print. We wanna make sure that when you order from us you know what your getting everytime. We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental USA on our Full Cases as well as all of our filaments. We welcome any size order as well with any color that might not be on website. Contact us for whatever your needs maybe and we can work on pricing with you. Cheap Prices and Great Quality is what we are all about. With so many suppliers sprouting up each day its important to put your trust in a consistent reliable, quality supplier like ourselves. No matter what your needs are, we want to be your direct source for quality affordable 3D printing filament! 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items