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Why Pick Cheap 3D Filaments?

Cheap 3D Filament offers free shipping on all 3D Filament. We aim to be competitively priced while setting high standards crafting our virgin polymer 1.75mm PLA and ABS spools. Whether you are a hobbyist or run a R&D facility, our 7 colors of selection for 3D Filament will produce high quality 3D models every time.

Our core belief is: 3D printing should be cheap and the material used should be affordable without compromising the quality of the polymer you select. Our ABS and 1.75mm PLA spools can compete with any industrial professional grade 3D Filament found in the market today.  

We strive in being the cheapest but not "cheap". We manufacture our own filament and it is made with virgin material so we do not compromise the quality of the filament. As materials are used, melted, and extruded, the strength begins to deteriorate over time if the material has been used before. Our material has been melted once, extruded onto a spool, and shipped to you. We offer free shipping on all 3D Filaments, 1.75mm PLA and ABS, any size, any color, always low priced and shipped free.

When you are pressed for time and using new material, you risk producing a 3D model that could come out defective and of low quality. There’s no reason to compromise quality by purchasing cheap 3D filament that has been recycled, melted a dozen times, and sold for more than $30.00 a spool. Polymers like PLA and ABS have been around for years. While some were busy figuring out ways to cut corners, we have figured out a way to perfect our filaments and set the quality standards worldwide.

Cheap 3D Filaments is a Veteran Owned Company that has been in business since 2010. We offer affordable products, unwavering customer service, and look forward to serving you. Please contact us for custom orders, bulk orders, or with any 3D Filament questions you might have.  

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